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Mounties, Australia’s number one registered club, celebrated 50 years of sport in the community in 2020. Since its humble beginnings as a small sports hut, Mounties has brought together talented and committed sports players over the decades, growing to 54 sub-clubs in 2022, which include a number of elite sporting teams.


An integral part of Mounties’ history and culture, sporting sub-clubs form the heart and soul of Mt Pritchard and the district Community Club. From cricket to rugby league and soccer, Mounties has been influencing the development of both sporting and social activities since the 1960s.



Mounties Rugby League currently has three teams made up of a total of 80 players, who are each succeeding at an elite level. 

Current Grades/Competitions  

  • Ron Massey Cup (NSWRL Competition)
  • Sydney Shield  (NSWRL Competition)
  • Harvey Norman Women's Premiership 
  • Home Ground: Aubrey Keech Reserve

Head of Rugby League
Alex Miller 

   0474 177 227

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Mounties Shires teams continue to grow through their achievements at an elite level and currently stand at 70 players in a total of 6 teams.  

Current Grades/Competitions  

  • Cricket NSW

  • Shires Cricket Competitions

Recent Key Achievements  

  • Mounties Sth Districts Shires have made the Preliminary Finals
    (1st Grade, 2nd Grade & Tim Greer Cup)


Home Ground

Greenway Park 1 & 2  

John Araco

    0407 202 007


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